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They started this project in 2006, when they took Terry Pratchett’s wonderful little Christmas tale Hogfather and turned it into a TV Movie special on Sky Television. Then, in 2008, they got together again and outdid themselves with The Color of Magic, which was actually Pratchett’s first two Discworld novels together in a single story. This one is worth viewing for the luggage alone, let alone the great cast, amazing story, or excellent special effects. For the next one, in May of 2010, they did Going Postal, which from all reports is the best one yet. This week, we have received word they have been signed up to do another one, Unseen Academicals. No word on the expected release date, or even if it is going to be on Sky 1 this time, but just knowing there is more Pratchett silliness coming to the small screen makes me grin in anticipation. If you can’t wait, you can always create a football fan character and hang out in the stadium to get ready.