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The original Primeval series was a bit uneven (more than a bit, and I can give you my season-by-season breakdown some time if you like), but I enjoyed the hell out of a few specific seasons, and still had fun watching the others, even with their flaws. I am now looking forward to Primeval New World, but even though they have run 7 episodes in the UK and Canada, the US does not have a contract for this one until 2013. At some point next year they will begin running this on Syfy, with VOD rights going to Hulu and Hulu Plus, but if there is an announced launch date I have not found it yet. I am kind of surprised that BBC America did not pick it up, considering the ratings they pulled with the original series, but the Syfy Channel is running a lot of programs out of the Vancouver studios that are making it, so they probably got a discount for a bulk order.