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I loved season one and the first half of season two of Primeval, the Brit time travel show with the cheesy monsters. The second half of season two dragged a little, due to some poor plot line choices, most noticeable at the final episode. And the less said about season 3 the better, as they went desperately grasping after straws trying to keep the franchise afloat.

But it looks like they have found their way again with season 4, at least based on the first few episodes. They have re-introduced the dramatic tension from the previous seasons, and also re-introduced some of the core characters. After a year of living with Dinosaurs, Conner and Abby are both noticeably grimmer and much more focused then they used to be, which sets a new tone. The action sequences in the second episode of season 4 seemed much gripping than anything in season 3 as well. It looks to me like they have a decent shot at pulling it all off this time, and I do appreciate being able to see them on BBC America the same day they air in the UK.

Meanwhile, here is a Science Link that you might find entertaining, particularly if you are into molecular chemistry…