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I enjoy webisodes of programs like Eureka or Battlestar Galactica, where an ongoing TV series has bonus content you can only watch on the web (or wait for the DVDs to come out). It often includes background into things they don’t cover in great detail on the TV shows, or a chunk of the story arc that takes place between two seasons of the main program, bridging the gap to tell you how we got there. There have also been several programs that got their start that way, most notably Sanctuary. Now it seems a new one is coming out, Bryan Singer’s HPlus, and judging by the trailer it is going to be a monster. Thanks to Sci-Fi author Steven Hunt for the heads up on this one. The premiss is H+ is a direct neural interface that connects your brain into the Net and allows you to process information and be productive like never before. It gives you such an advantage over the competition that everyone has to have it, and all but a tiny percentage of the population has it installed. And then the system crashes, killing everyone who has it; this series is about what happens next.