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There are a number of shows I am enjoying this season, although because of time constraints there are only 3 I have been keeping up with each week. If you are a Premium Crunchyroll member, you can watch any of these and a double dozen more an hour after they air in Tokyo. If you are not, you can watch them for free starting one week later. The current season is at episode 9 as I write this, the Summer season starts around the first week in July.

Brynhildr in the Darkness: 10 years ago Murakami lost a girl he was infatuated with in a lethal accident while trying to get a glimpse of aliens. As he heals from the accident he vows to find the aliens in her memory, which means years later he is running the Astronomy Club, searching the skies. Now she seems to suddenly turn up at his school again, revived from the dead and turned into a human weapon, but she doesn’t remember anything earlier than a decade back. She is not the only one to escape from the lab that upgraded her combat capability, and the military is out to kill all the escapees before they can reveal their secrets to the world.

Nanana’s Buried Treasure: In life, Nanana started the Adventure Club, and ran around the world collecting powerful artifacts, Indiana Jones style. She and the other club members used the proceeds to create an artificial island, where they built a city and hid the treasures. Then she was murdered in her room, and haunts it to this day, unable to rest until her killer is captured. The young man who gets tricked into renting that room for a year doesn’t have enough money left to live anywhere else when he finds it comes with a ghost. His only option is to try to bring her killer to justice, and since the killer was trying to get the treasures, that’s what he will have to do to track him down. There are a LOT of potential suspects.

No Game No Life: Genius gamer siblings Sora and Shiro are both NEETs and Hikikomori, and absolutely unbeatable in the online gaming world. One day they are contacted by a kid who is a god of a different world, where games decide the outcome of everyone’s lives and the ten commandments are gaming rules. There are 16 races in this world, and the humans are on the verge of being wiped out by the others, unless the siblings can win them back a chance to survive.