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There are tons of places to watch science fiction online, with each site having its share. Sometimes it can be hard to find what you are looking for, but the Crotchety Old Fan’s Classic Science Fiction Channel makes it a bit easier. He doesn’t host the films or TV shows himself, but links to the content on, Hulu, Veoh, Classic Cinema Online, and more, filtering it for the good stuff so you don’t have to hunt for it. There is a new issue of Antipodian SF online, with a new URL for the down-under site. They are still tweaking the new layout, but the content (excellent free flash-sf stories) is all in place for the December issue. If you are looking for back issues, they are archived at Pandora, the National Library of Australia’s online repository. Not to be confused with the Pandora Internet Radio service, and yes, that link is to my indi/anime/jrock oriented station.