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As it often does at this time of year, it will be raining rocks tonight and tomorrow morning, during the peak of the Perseid meteor shower. It should be good viewing everywhere without a lot of cloud cover, since it will be a moonless night. This is the main event, but not the complete show; while the peak is tonight as we hit the densest part of the cluster, from beginning to end takes a week or two to go through. You can see some good pictures already from this years presentation over at the National Geographic site, and Space Dot Com is reporting a quite bright fireball over Alabama the other night. The peak from the US East Coast is 3PM this afternoon to 3AM tomorrow morning, while the UK should be local midnight to dawn tonight. If you are looking for a list of other meteor showers to catch this year, Stardate has a short list of the good ones, and as always Heavens Above can be configured to inform you about anything interesting to watch in the sky at your location. Happy viewing!