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It is time to step away from the scientific data, and see what kind of fun we can have. *grin*

These are a few sites that will let you interact with the data our metal servants have been sending back from the Red Planet. Don’t forget, with the raw volume of information heading our way, you can also build your own interfaces, and your own display sets. But these should at least get you started, and give you an idea of what kind of range you can work from or towards.

This one is from Nasa, and it will be hard to beat. But you can put your own multimedia display together, and let folks play it back online. The format here is RealPlayer, which allows you to add all the SMIL interactive controls, as does QuickTime and Windows MediaPlayer.
Nasa Live Mars Link

2) Display and Control
Flash adds scripting to the Playback; it allows you to give an added level of interactivity beyond the SMIL functions.
Nasa Flash Mars Interface

3) Interactivity
These use 3D/VRML browser plugins to allow a true measure of control by the user over the cyberspace environment. Like everything else here, they need something installed that is not built in to their browser. Remember to put the links to the plugin on the page, for those that don’t already have them.
CNN Mars Interactive