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One of the most interesting Apps not included in NASA Apps is 3D Sun. This is a display interface taking the data-stream output of two satellites orbiting Sol which, between them, cover around 87% of the sun’s surface at any given time. The results are generated into a 3D image on your screen, giving you a near-realtime idea of what exactly is going on the Sun. That also gives you some great advance warning about possible disruptive events that might be about to overtake you, your computer systems, your communications networks, and and other non-hardened systems that work on electricity or magnetism. The sun is the origin of most (but not all) disruptive events that might come from space and mess with your systems, and there are factors which can mitigate even its effects on your environment. To refine the results and factor in other influences, the NASA Space Weather App gives you most of the rest of the tool set you need. It includes data sources from NOAA, GOES, and SOHO, among more.