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I have no clue who came up with the idea, but the results are fun to watch. The 360 Degree Cosplay Selfie was part of the fun at MCM London Comic Con London in October. I assume they did it again this weekend at the MCM London Comic Con Birmingham this past weekend, but I haven’t found the video yet. The MCM series of events looks like the most sci-fi fun you can have in the UK, or at least right up there, and I would love to attend one year. There are a huge number of Cosplay Music Videos just from this one con, so I had to include a few more, just because I could.

Happy Halloween to all, the official holiday of Cosplay combined with a generous helping of candy-fueled extortion in the Trick Or Treat tradition. The first one is the Dragon Con 2014 COSPLAY Showcase put together by MLZ Studios, a group that covers a lot of Cosplay at events. The second video is the Best & Hottest Cosplay of San Diego Comic-Con 2014, which as you might expect features fewer Anime characters and more Comic/Manga folks (Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, etc.), plus the expected TV and movie tie-ins. That one was from Inside The Magic. The third video is from the UK, from the recent MCM Comic Con (London’s Comic Con amazing event), and that concludes the examples for this Halloween. Enjoy!

The feminine duet YanaKiku have a light, energetic pop style with some good harmonies and a unique stage presence. The unusual outfits they are wearing they call Kimo-Cos by which they mean Kimono Cosplay, which all by itself would make them a perfect band for any Anime Con to invite to their stage. Since they just formed in 2012 they don’t have a huge catalog of music yet, but they are off to a nice start. The first track is called Fujiyama Disco, the second is PakuPaku Kingoyo.

I gathered a ton of Halloween stuff to post about, and the day did an end run right around me and was gone that quick! At this point, I don’t care; I am going to post stuff anyways, even if I did miss out on getting it for the day itself. This particular image is what you get when you carve a pumpkin to look like Bender, wrap it in tin foil, and let it be photographed into something that can be used to create a drawing, in this case a pencil sketch.

Bender Pumpkin
A pumpkin, carved into Bender

There are some amazing Anime Cosplay Music Videos being made, here are a few more you might enjoy. The first is Cosplay Fever: It’s My Life, compiled in Camden, London and shot at the MCM Expo in the UK in October 2011. The next is Cosplay Fever: Raise Your Glass from the London Film & Comic Con, July 2011. The final entry for this set is Cosplay Fever: Let Me Entertain You, recorded at AyaCon in August 2011. Be sure to visit Cosplay Fever on Facebook, where they have a lot more wonderful things to check out. Yes, these videos may be a bit old, but the spirit lives on!