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It would not have occurred to me to enter that as a search term, but Anime Cosplay Music Videos is exactly what The TDragon is all about. Some of his work is really amazing, so I wanted to share a few of them. The first is Mulan: “A Girl Worth Fighting For”, and was created from footage shot at Ikkicon 2012 in Austin, Tx. The second is Clarity from Comicpalooza 2013 in Houston, while the third is his Men In Black tribute to the men in cosplay.

TDragon And Cosplay Friends, Trek Variation

Today is the opening ceremony at the NADWCon, or North American Discworld Con, in Baltimore, MD. Obviously Sir Terry Pratchett is the Guest of Honor, but a lot of other folks will be there as well, including another favorite satirical author of mine, Esther M. Friesner. I recommend haunting the media area, in case you might be able to see some footage of the new TV series The Watch, assuming they got the money to make it. Note this is supposed to be a full TV series, and not a miniseries like Hogfather, Going Postal, or The Color Of Magic. 13 hour long episodes!

It appears the luggage is eager and hungry to be loaded and prepared for the next expedition. Always a good sign when you are gearing up for a vacation in Discworld, or anywhere else where misplacing your luggage could be catastrophic. After all, it is difficult to lose anything which is determined to follow you around, no matter the obstacles. A friend of mine who has way more artistic talent than I do built this wonderful physical interpretation of one of Terry Pratchett’s best loved non-alive but most definitely animate creations.

The Luggage follows me everywhere.
The Luggage is eager to follow me on vacation, wherever that may lead.

This video was labeled How to Avoid Being Branded a Convention Creeper, and while I think my own title of Con Creep Avoidance was more succinct it didn’t fully convey the concept. These are a few basic rules (and I mean REALLY basic, if you need to study these in detail you probably want to take along a friend who can help you spot when you get it wrong) to help you make it through a Con without getting embarrassed, attacked, or arrested.

Hope everyone is having a happy holiday season this year, and gearing up for another exciting round for next year. I thought I would share one of my favorite Elfbot images a good friend made of me. And before you laugh, trust me when I say this is no where near as silly as the one she made of me for Easter.

Happy Holidaze!