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Genius and Scam Artist, Visionary and IP Thief (he lead the way; Bill Gates came in a poor second, and had to steal from him what he had stolen from Park Xerox), Steve Jobs was one of a small handful of people who changed the world while I watched. I won’t know until I see it, but I have hopes this movie might be as entertaining as Pirates of Silicon Valley, another film that covered the same topic. I look forward to watching this new iteration of the story when it hits the big screen on October 9th.

Awesome Con in Washington D.C. this past weekend certainly lived up to its name, and its rep. They had a huge collection of actors, artists, and authors (and that only covered the first letter of the alphabet) doing their best to make the gathering memorable. Pretty much all of the guest actor/voice talent celebrities manned (personed?) a booth on the bottom level, off to the side of the hucksters area by the primary entrance, most of the time they were not doing a panel or presentation. Between those two groups were the artists, both Comics and Fine, with quite a few other visual disciplines mixed in. That last sentence gives you the idea, but not the scope, unless you expect there to be a hundred or more impressive illustrator/storytellers on the multiple-football-field sized area you are crossing to get to your next scheduled event.

They had some presentations I never expected, like Twisted Toonz, where a group of world class voice actors played out a famous movie as totally different characters than the ones in the original. This year the film was The Wrath of Kahn, and the voice of Wini The Pooh coming from the bridge of the Enterprise was one of the the least disconcerting aspects of that presentation. I can’t wait to see another show organized around the same principle, it was absolutely amazing and entertaining! Although the voice actor tasked with being Bill Cosby for one part of it kept looking out at the audience like he was trying to find an escape route.


I wanted to wish everyone a happy holiday, from Merry Christmas to Happy Hanukkah and everything in between. I hope 2014 has been a very good year for you, and that the new year brings you one even more enjoyable.

One of the things that I enjoy about this season is the lights and festive displays. Last year I was in the UK for the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, and since it took place near the end of November the city of London was fully decked out in anticipation of the holidays. I took quite a few photos there, since everywhere I looked seemed to have one holiday decoration after another. Sadly I am not a very good photographer, and a lot of the pictures I took didn’t turn out very well. So it was a good thing my companion on that journey is an amazing camera person with a true eye for what makes a great photograph; thanks to her skills and efforts, I have a few holiday images to share with you today. Enjoy the slid show, and may you and yours have a great holiday and an excellent new year.