Sometimes the world hand you some truly beautiful things. Tonight’s special treat came in the form of a Tweet from William Gibson, pointing to a stream of William Burroughs doing his Words of Advice poem. So I figured his collaboration with Jim Morrison was also worth posting, and as long as the music link was there thought I might as well include the other Gibson link that attracted my attention this evening, an Acapella version of a Who medley. On occasion, art trumps science.

There is a new Buck Rogers series coming out in 2010, and judging by this rather retro teaser it might just be a fun show. I heard about this from Big Dumb Object who got it from Ain’t It Cool who had it from Sci-Fi Wire. The new Buck Rogers series is from the same folks who brought us Star Trek: Phase II, formerly known as Star Trek: New Voyages. If you would like some more details about the new project check out the interview on TrekMovie.

Just a reminder that tomorrow, 17Nov09, is the last chance for quite a while for anyone to see The Wizard of Oz on the big screen. And it is nice to finally have this classic available on DVD for the small screen (or not so small these days).

It was supposed to be out on July 24th, but Planet 51 finally hits the theaters on Friday. This alien invasion animation looks like it will be a lot of fun, with plenty of humor and the usual world-class animation this team leads you to expect.

The live-action film for this weekend is of course The Twilight Saga: New Moon. If you need to have this one explained to you, nothing I can say could help, but you could try their IMDP page, where you will find new news stories being cranked out at the rate of one every few minutes.

For the first time in quite a while, and for one night only, you can watch the original version of The Wizard of Oz in a movie theater. It happens on Wednesday the 23rd, so if you are a fan of this movie you might want to free up that night. Another Fathom Event happens the following night with the one-night only showing of EUREKA SEVEN – good night, sleep, tight, young lovers anime movie, a somewhat different version than the TV series. Check for theaters and showtime here. While not on the big screen, on the following Sunday night (the 27th) on Adult Swim Titan Maximum premieres , and the trailers are hysterical.

This week saw a few important birthdays in the evolution of Nerd and Geek culture which I thought I should mention. To start, on the 1st of September, 1902, the very first science fiction movie ever made was released: La voyage dans la Lune. I find it fitting that it was based on two stories about human space travel, one written by Jules Verne and the other by H. G. Wells. After all, between them they invented modern science fiction as a written art form, so it is appropriate they would inspire the first movie (and ironic that Wells would also become the movie critic for a British newspaper who panned Metropolis in 1925). One day after the birthday of Sci-Fi films was the birthday of the Internet; on September 2nd, 1969, two computers in two different locations exchanged packets over some twisted-pair copper. So Happy Birthday, all of us Nerds and Geeks! I think I’ll celebrate by voting for the Scream Awards nominees I like best, and then going to see It Might Get Loud, and follow that up with Gamer. Sounds like a party!