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The stylish thriller Evolution will be in theaters this week, but it seems fairly close to horror based on the trailer I saw. Because of that I will not be one of the folks watching it. I also find it a tiny bit confusing that the only web site I could find for this French movie is in Japan, but that could be my search engine stats being out of whack from all the Anime and J-Rock I google.

2 films worth checking out this time, beginning with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the long awaited DC entry into the Group Superhero movie field. Identicals, originally titled Brand New You, is a highly unconventional romantic thriller that will have you guessing throughout who is actually who. It takes place in a near-future world where a select few can get a life-upgrade, taking over the life of someone who has a better job, a better spouse, and a better place in the world. When one of those being replaced refuses to die as intended, he must fight to get his own back.

Identicals sounds like something from the mind of Philip K. Dick, with a series of near identical people taking over each others lives and leaving dead bodies in their wake, but it is written and directed by Simon Pummell. It has been making the Film Festival rounds for the last year, and will get a wide release in Theaters, VOD, and Digital on March 25th, with DVDs coming out the following week.

My first choice for this weekend has to be Goosebumps, with Jack Black representing R.L. Stine; I think this one is going to be a serious hoot. If you are looking for a more serious thriller this Halloween season then Crimson Peak might be just the ticket for you. Finally, as a Spy fan I have to admit I am excited to see what they do with Bridge of Spies, staring Tom Hanks as the lawyer who had to try to negotiate the release of the pilot of the U2 plane shot down over Russia.