All the choices are a bit off-beat this week, but that works for me. Warm Bodies is the most interesting looking Zombie Comedy since Shawn of the Dead from my perspective. While I don’t recognize most of the cast, I am always ready to watch any film which includes John Malkovich on the roster.

On the other hand, The Ganzfeld Experiment includes a lot of cast members I recognize, many of whom seem to be the children of favorite actors. The title itself means the whole field experiment, and is a process used in the study of parapsychology practitioners. I am still looking for confirmation this one is being released this week.

Invasion Ireland takes place in a future where Mars has invaded Ireland, and one disgruntled Martian has taken a Northern Dublin family hostage.

There are several choices this weekend, although none of them are the action/adventure I tend to look forward to at this time of year. Bad Kids Go to Hell is The Breakfast Club meets The Ring, and there is something about the trailer that makes me think that was exactly how it was pitched to get the funding to make it. Based on the graphic novel of the same name, this is a comedy/thriller.

Dino Time is a time travel jaunt into the world of T-Rex and friends, and the kids who make the ride don’t have much time to figure out how to get home again. The animation looks quite good in this joint US/Korean production, with CJ Entertainment doing the art and story, and the US supplying some quality voice talent. I have found at least one source that believes the release date will be January 1st and another from a few days ago listed as Unknown, but most everybody else is pointing to this Friday.

This Friday the movie of choice is Super 8, yet another J.J. Abrams project by way of Steven Spielberg. Something escapes a train wreck while being transported from Area 51, and a group of kids catch some footage of it on a super 8 camera. Also out in extremely limited theatrical release (but available On Demand starting today; check your local interactive guide) is the Norwegian film Troll Hunter, about a group of students investigating a government cover-up of trolls in northern Norway. This one is a mocumentory in the Blair Witch style, Norwegian with English subtitles.

This time around is the franchise that wouldn’t die with another entry: Resident Evil: Afterlife. The fourth entry in this series finds Alice and here friend battling for their lives yet again, and this time it is in 3D. Also out this weekend, Who is Harry Nilsson (And Why is Everybody Talkin’ About Him?) is a star studded documentary about one of the most original songwriters of all time. Everybody knows his songs, but the music he was occasionally on the charts for singing was often written by other people; while his songs were sung by the most famous and well respected vocalists of the last five decades. If you don’t know quite who he is, this film is your chance to learn and be amazed.

Tron Legacy Director Joe Kosinski is to head up the sci-fi film ‘Archangels’, according to the folks at ScreenRant and also at First Showing. With Ridley and Tony Scott producing, it has a shot at becoming an excellent film. The main character belongs to an elite team tasked with tracking aliens who get past Earth’s defense system, set in the near future. Meanwhile Carl Erik Rinsch, who normally directs commercials, was supposed to have his movie debut when he directed the Aliens prequel. When that didn’t happen, he entered a short film competition Phillips held and produced the video below. Now a number of production houses, including Fox and Warner Bros. are in a bidding war to see who will buy the rights to turn it into a feature film, so Carl will get his movie after all, and this time it will be one who’s story he created as well. Thanks to the Hollywood Reporter for the heads up on that one.