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There are no stories without the story tellers. The Authors are at the heart of the matter, and whatever I can pass on may be useful to someone that loves that Author…

Most Authors have there own Web Sites, but most search engines give you 2,000 links, with 1,999 of the results being Fan Sites about the author, or some of their works. The fan sites are often some of the best sites on the web (although the search engines don’t have a ranking for quality, so there will be plenty of turkeys in the results), with info and details you can find nowhere else. And some authors are so impressed with a fan site that they will make it their official web site; that has to bring a special grin to the face of the fan who built it! But it also makes it hard to know what should be included as an official site, so Forry Ackerman, David Brin, and a number of others loose out on being included in this list until I can confirm the links.

Sometimes you just want to visit the home page of your favorite author. Here are a few Author Site links for you to visit, to start your collection…

Brian Aldiss: Brian Aldiss
Kevin J Anderson: Kevin J Anderson
Steven Baxter Steven Baxter
Greg Bear: Greg Bear
Gregory Benford Gregory Benford
Terry Bisson: Terry Bisson
Jack Chalker Jack L Chalker
C.J. Cherryh C. J. Cherryh
Thomas M. Dish Thomas M. Dish
Terry Dowling Terry Dowling
Harlan Ellison
James Alan Gardner James Alan Gardner
Lisa Goldstein Lisa Goldstein
Simon Ing: Simon Ing
Nancy Kress : Nancy Kress
Ursula K LeGuin Ursula K LeGuin
Edward M. Lerner: Edward M. Lerner
James Morrow: James Morrow
Rudy Rucker: Rudy Rucker
Fred Saberhagen:
John Shirley: John Shirley
Bruce Sterling: Bruce Sterling
Michael Stanwick: Michael Stanwick
Alastair Reynolds Alastair Reynolds
Walter Jon Williams: Walter Jon Williams
Jack Williamson: Jack Williamson

I have a lot more links in my collection, and find new ones all the time, but this should get you started!
A lot of my favorite authors are not yet on this list, so expect updates. If you are a sci-fi/fantasy author, feel free to email me with your home page link!