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Welcome to WordPress, indeed! My early telnet servers, which became web sites in the 90’s, were built as places I could use when I slammed into the BSOD (Blue Screen of Death, for the terminally young) to retrieve my hard-won Science Fiction links. Come 2K, moving from a web site to a blog was the next iteration of that process, and the migration to WordPress the latest step in the dance.

As I put entries in here, I will adjust their dates to the timestamp of their original postings, so they are in historical context. I will add comments when the mood strikes me in italics before the entry itself. I will leave most of the original links, but if I find any links now going to malware sites or spam harvesters, they will be deleted as I identify them (with a link to the archive of the original site if one still exists). I have decided not to go through my entire online history of postings, but limit it to stuff from this century, or maybe only the last handful of years. If anything I posted longer ago than that is still relevant and/or interesting, it will become the topic of a new post.