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In movies the Man from Shaolin is coming out, a martial arts story. I should point out this is the 2012 movie starring Li Zhang, not the 2010 collection of 1980s films starring Jet Li that had the same name. Also, the Japanese action/adventure fantasy Red Tears appears to have been renamed Monster Killer for its US release. No American genre releases this week that I could find, and nothing really in live action TV.

We do considerably better in Anime, with Battle Girls: Time Paradox releasing the complete 13 episode collection. Hideyoshi is going to fail her history exam without some divine intervention, so she stops by a shrine to make a prayer and an offering. She gets transported in mid prayer to what appears to be a version of feudal Japan populated entirely by women, and immediately is on a quest to gather together the mystical armor required to help a warlord conquer the land. The Qwaser of Stigmata: Collection 2 brings the next dozen episodes in the tale of Qwaser and Human pairs in their battle for the High Circuit. And it looks like being paired with a super-powered being just might be contagious, as one of the women goes through a startling transformation.

The prize for longest title this week goes to Heaven’s Lost Property the Movie: The Angeloid of Clockwork, in which yet another not quite human girl comes to make Tomoki’s life stranger than he expected. Finally, Nisemonogatari is the sequel series to Bakemonogatari, continuing the supernatural adventures of apparitions associated with women the protagonist knows. However, at roughly $120 for 11 episodes of 25 minutes each, this one is way overpriced, and that is after the drop from the original price of $150. So I will just be watching it on Crunchyroll until a better deal comes along. If you are doing the same thing, start with Bakemonogatari, or you will never be able to figure out what is going on in the newer series.