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Yes, I am a true Space Cadet, and I have the certification to prove it. As if you didn’t already know by now, if you have been following these blog entries. I am not sure if I feel the need to hide this attitude because even SF Geeks are more popular than Science Freaks, but hopefully you will find a few of these links worthwhile… assuming any of them still exist after all this time.

Yes, I am a true Space Cadet, and I have the certification to prove it. So what kind of web sites does a space-case like me visit for fun? I thought I would share a few of them, in the hopes you might find them worth your time as well (you’re reading this Blog, aren’t you?).

A great first stop is the Astronomy Picture of the Day from the folks at Nasa. These images are not only great eye candy, the text that comes with them can even teach you a bit about the subject for that day.

Also from Nasa is the Human Space Flight site. If there are people off the planet at the moment, this one will give you all the details. Webmasters take note, this page is worth a visit just to see how a really good home page layout can improve the quality of the browsing experience.

For the True Believers like myself, the Planetary Society web site gets regular visits. Carl Sagan’s old gang is doing a lot of important work, and there is information here you don’t want to miss out on.

Then there are the news channel pages, always worth a visit. A few good ones include SpaceRef, a great place to keep up with the latest developments. Another is Space Dot Com News, the news page for one of the best space pages online. And lets not forget the Seti Update Page, the place to learn about our progress in finding out if we are alone.