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I was still learning my way around TV Channels at this point. Also around streaming media types (although I had the basics of both down since the mid-90s). Always something to learn…

This TV Channel and Web Site may have started out being a poor cousin to the US channel, but it very quickly built its audience and defined itself. It used a number of tricks to pull this off; emphasizing science, space, and technology as current news; pulling the best independent and BBC shows on the topics from around the world; and showing programs like Dark Angel (which is airing nowhere in the U.S. right now) and Firefly (including the episodes that never aired in the original US schedule, and which is also airing no where else in North America).

I have no clue if they are associated with the US SciFi Channel legally or economically, but they began with the same spirit. The way they evolved was a bit different, though; they maintained the SciFi News program as a core concept, and avoided the scare-tactics pitfall. And while a lot of the programming choices are the same, they have a lot of content you can’t get where I live. I wish they had a live webcast of the channel, so I could watch it here!

Guess I better check out the audio/video links on the site; I might just get lucky! LOL