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More Mars exploration, using more online tools. You gotta love the Net!

And the best one yet! This is a site using QTVR to put you on Mars, where the Rover is. Since they have minimum contact again with Spirit (but the Beagle2 is still quiet), there is hope they may patch the software and get it rebooted. While waiting, here is a world class VR of what it has already sent back to us.

Mars Surround

You may need to download an upgrade to your QT Plugin to see this one, but it is worth it, IMHO!

In the meantime, to get the latest data on Spirit, go to

Nasa Mars

And while the Beagle2 didn’t stay the course, the ESA Mars orbiter has gathered data beyond anything hoped for by anyone, including locations of water deposits and other things we will need once we get there in person. For details, hit:

ESA Mars Express

For those who don’t recognize the pattern here, let me spell it out: EVERY team who put together a Mars probe and orbiter are gathering useful data! Of course, every team and project has also had problems they wern’t expecting. Bottom line is, we learn more about how the tech works in different environments, and more about how to fix those problems at both the construction and deployment levels before sending it off a few million miles. And we learn a WHOLE lot more about how to fix those glitches at a distance, with a lag time measured in minutes rather than seconds.

Of course, if there are really little green men whacking the top of the landers with rocks to keep them from peeking in their bedrooms, a lot of this data becomes suspect. But that is the core of exploration; you never really know what you are going to find until you get there! LOL…