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The Edge of Science is one of my favorite places to hang out. The borderlands always produce an interesting collection of concepts, and I will return here often as time goes on.

Somewhere between Science and SciFi, we come to a blurry boundary. Some of my favorite things live along this border, and what I like the most is the potential they each have. To start off the new year, I would like to present you with 3 links; enjoy!

MAKING TOMORROW’S HISTORY TODAY! A time-travel site, with a lot of useful details, based on the physics of string theory and 9 dimensional math.


The Academy For Future Science is a non-profit corporation that examines new scientific ideas.


A great way to test your understanding of the current language, and how it might be warped in translation. The current language is yours; the way it might be warped is up to the computer program doing the translations.