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Another place where the edges between Science and Science Fiction are blurred beyond belief. We each have to choose our destination, and contribute to the kids having a proper education.

One of my favorite topics of conversation at parties has always been the science of science fiction. By that I don’t mean the wonderful work done by NASA’s Tools For Learning project, where they use science fiction to help teachers trick kids into learning space science. Or the many other science education sites like Frank Potter’s Science Gems>, or Bill Nye’s site.

Nor am I talking about the real science that goes into doing science fiction, this time. That topic deserves its own entry (or 12), and I will be getting to that one soon, I suspect.

What I am referring to is all those inventions that were first mentioned in a science fiction story, and then became a part of real life (or are in development now). Starting with Verne and Wells, and including authors like Philip Frances Nowlan (who in his 1928 original Buck Rogers novel predicted Walky-Talkies, Color TV, and even Amazon.Com), it is amazing how SciFi authors come up with ideas that get turned into real devices.

And there is finally a web site that puts it all together, with an online database that has to be seen to be believed. Run, don’t walk, to check out TechNOVELgy, a truly world-class web site!