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As Seen From Space

Ever wondered what you would see if you could look down on your neighborhood from space? It turns out there are a lot of online tools to help you do that. Not a great surprise, considering how many decades things like spy satellites, weather balloons (and orbital platforms), and GPS devices have been looking down […]

Doctor Who Lives! 2005- New Episodes!

The Doctor returns!

Since the word went out in mid-2003, there has been a lot of speculation and rumor, but the one thing that remains firm is that the show WILL be back with all new episodes! If I had a vote, I would love to see David Warner as the Doctor, and Alan […]

Mars Interactive

It is time to step away from the scientific data, and see what kind of fun we can have. *grin*

These are a few sites that will let you interact with the data our metal servants have been sending back from the Red Planet. Don’t forget, with the raw volume of information heading our way, […]

Life on Mars

The new announcement from NASA makes life on Mars a much more realistic potential. With not just geologic evidence that water once existed, but the possibility that it still may be there (as a semi-frozen slurry embedded under the soil), we even have a chance at current life! After all, we have remnants of previously […]