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Something to Do: Movies

Sanctum is a James Cameron 3D thriller hitting the big screens this weekend. I fully expect the movie to be visually stunning, which is the reason I am mentioning it here, but it is not even close to sci-fi or fantasy. In fact I believe it is based on a true story, and you can […]

Something to Watch: DVD’s

For newly released movies we have Let Me In, the American remake of the award winning masterpiece Let The Right One In, for the fantasy/horror crowd with an addiction to vampires. I can not imagine how the US version can be a quarter as good as the original Swedish film with all its layered complexity, […]

New Pratchett TV!

They started this project in 2006, when they took Terry Pratchett’s wonderful little Christmas tale Hogfather and turned it into a TV Movie special on Sky Television. Then, in 2008, they got together again and outdid themselves with The Color of Magic, which was actually Pratchett’s first two Discworld novels together in a single story. […]

Something to Watch: Online

Every year in the UK there is a great little film festival that comes along, the Sci-Fi London Film Festival, happening next from April 23nd to May 2nd. It actually turns up twice every year, because besides the April event they also run an Oktoberfest. Part of the festival focus is to support new film […]

Visual Beat Poetry

Copy Shop is a bizarre time travel with cloning story with minimum dialog; a wonderful use of the short video medium to convey so much in so little time. And then, from 1943, this surreal and experimental short film is called Meshes of the Afternoon, and was created by husband and wife team Maya Deren […]

Anime Music

Some of the best music comes from Japanese Anime and I have a few to share today. My all time favorite composer is Yoko Kanno, so the tracks are hers, from the original movie Ghost In The Shell. They start with Inner Universe, followed by Lithium Flower, and then finally the Opening Theme song, all […]

RoboCop App

MGM came up with a new RoboCop App for the iPhone and iPad. It started life as a Soundboard, but since they have been done to death (and MGM had already released a free RoboCop Soundboard App, so they needed a reason to get people to pay 99 cents for this one) they threw in […]

Something to Do: Movies

On Friday, the 28th, IP Man 2 hits the screens, more of a historical martial arts film than anything else, but with amazing action sequences. Scream of the Banshee is also released that day, a horror flic with a hot archeologist digging up supernatural beings best left undisturbed. And Kaboom claims it is Sci-Fi when […]

Something to Watch: DVD’s

There are a couple of excellent movies coming out on disk this week, although their genre status is debatable. RED, or Retired, Extremely Dangerous, was my favorite action comedy not based on a comic book for 2010. Nothing deep or surprising, just good silly fun. The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest completes the Millennium […]

Territory Rights explaned

This is the second time in 72 hours I am posting a second entry for the day, and like the previous one, Tv Ratings Explained, it is touching on one aspect of how the business of distributing intellectual property works, specifically of the Sci-Fi TV and Movie programs we all love so much. This time […]