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Something to Watch: DVDs

In movies there don’t seem to be a lot of choices this week; Stake Land pretty much looks like it, and I am not terribly enthused about this one. However, there is a box set that should be fun: Mystery Science Theater 3000: MST3K vs. Gamera XXI has all 5 Gamera films with the famous […]

Might Be Giants: Tubthumping

The AV Club is an interesting web site that does a lot of things, one of which is the Undercover Project each year, in which a band covers a song by a different band. As soon as a band covers a song, it is removed from the list of songs to be covered. One of […]

In Time trailer

Andrew Niccol has built some very intelligent films already, including Gattica and The Trueman Show. This trailer is from his new one, In Time, which will be hitting the big screens on October 28th. Science has learned how to turn off biologic aging, and now time is used as the currency of the culture, with […]

Key of Awsome

They should actually call themselves Key of Silly and Politically Incorrect, but they have put together a bunch of geek-oriented music, including the triptych presented here. This is a song in three parts, with part one being Sexy Cyborg from Another Dimension, part two is Moon Girl, and it concludes with Tron Girl. Thanks to […]


This weekend is Otakon, the by fans, for fans convention covering Manga, Anime, and all things Asian pop culture like. It takes place at the Baltimore Convention Center and the surrounding Baltimore Inner Harbor from July 29th through the 31st. Their schedule is huge, and for the last handful of years they have sold out […]


Are you a comics or graphics novel fan? Do you have any idea how much work, effort, and talent goes into creating even a single issue of a single title? If you comprehend that, did you notice how many of the best artists and story tellers are women in this male dominated marketplace? 140 of […]

Something to Do: Movies

Cowboys & Aliens is the major release this weekend, and you can believe I will be there to see it on the big screen. Not since the days of the Radio Ranch (1935, Gene Autry versus the aliens living underground and hiding from the cowboys) have we seen a story like this. If you are […]

Something to Watch: DVDs

I had not managed to catch The Clone Returns Home at any of the film fests in my part of the country since its release in January of 2009, so I am happy to report it is finally being released on DVD. This Japanese movie about a cloned astronaut who returns home to find his […]

Kamisama Dolls

We are only abut 3 episodes in to Kamisama Dolls, which you can watch online on Crunchyroll either an hour or a week after it airs in Tokyo, depending on your account type (the free accounts wait a week, the paid an hour). The opening song is sung by Chiaki Ishikawa, and her record label […]

Watch Nozomi Online

The folks at Right Stuff/Nozomi have a serious online presence at YouTube, where you can watch their anime online to give you a taste of what their various shows are offering. One of the better series is The Third: The Girl With the Blue Eye, where one girl and her tank show you how good […]