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Are you a comics or graphics novel fan? Do you have any idea how much work, effort, and talent goes into creating even a single issue of a single title? If you comprehend that, did you notice how many of the best artists and story tellers are women in this male dominated marketplace? 140 of those women got together to work on the Womanthology Project, a massive graphics novel anthology created under the direction of Renae De Liz. I urge you to check out their new project, and contribute whatever you can through their Kickstarter Interface; since 100% of their proceeds will go to charity they need our donations to create this work in the first place. I should probably list the project participants and tell you what all else they have created, which is a big percentage of the comics you are reading today, but why should I when I can let a few of them speak for themselves in the videos below. That should give you a basic idea, and a few of these links should allow you to learn more. Thanks to The Nerdy Bird for the heads up on this one.