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The Asimov story I linked to yesterday is actually one in a series of Killer Robot postings from a combined Gizmodo/io9 sequence. Airlock Alpha (the former Syfy, before a certain channel bought the name) has quite an insightful article about how not to do Cons I can recommend. And Libravox has unleashed the 12th Short Science Fiction Collection of stories, including tales by George O. Smith, Jack London, and Edmond Hamilton.

SciFi Wire has released a list of SciFi Folks who Tweet, and a great list it is. I was already following Neil Gaiman, but didn’t know John Scalzi was in there as well. Likewise I was following Wil Wheaton and never knew Robert Llewellyn was tweeting away. There are a lot more on the list (and a lot they missed), so check it all out and add some to your following group. There is also the Twitter Resistance, lead by the most-followed Tweeter of all, Leo Laporte of Call For Help fame.

I missed posting on Wednesday (because of a little matter of a 32 hour workday that kept me away from the computer) on my legacy blog, but here in the WordPress environment I can do an entry and publish it to the date desired. So this is a Bonus Blog Entry, on a topic I will plug into my legacy blog this weekend. BBC Radio just launched a new segment they call the SciFi Season. They are spreading the programs across three of their audio channels, BBC3, BBC4, and BBC7. The programs can be heard by listening in real time online, of course, but they are also available as part of their Listen Online series for channels 3, 4, and 7. For some specific shows, you also have the option to download the programs, or save them as Podcasts (see this explanation for the differences to each format).