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The title of this entry is accurate but not true; William S. Burroughs’ wrote Ah, Pook Is Here with Malcolm McNeill creating the artwork back in the late 60s and early 70s, so it is not exactly new. However, the first part of Burroughs only graphic novel evaporated from the face of the earth not long after it was released, so the recently resurrected and soon to be released 2-volume set will be brand new to pretty much everyone. It started as a comic strip that came out once a month in the UK magazine Cyclops, and when that folded they created the rest of the story, 120 pages of amazing words and images. But they couldn’t get anyone to publish it, so no one has ever actually read the entire story. Finally, Fanta Graphics will publish the entire science fiction lost masterpiece, with all the time travel, mind control, and eternal life subtext that only a collision between the Mayan and Western cultures could produce, when filtered through these two amazing communicators.