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Obviously, my choice in Movies this week is Guardians of the Galaxy, which still remains my favorite for this year, even as the year itself reaches its end. While not exactly genre, Frank is just strange enough to rate a mention (although it would have gotten one anyways for the music angle). If it came near a theater around me I missed it, now I get another shot at checking it out.

In TV we have Doctor Who: The Complete Eighth Series for Peter Capaldi’s first run as everyone’s favorite Time Lord. I do have to say I can’t wait to see Nick Frost as Santa in the Xmas special, come the day. Under the Dome: Season 2 is also out this week for the King fans. For those looking for nostalgia sci-fi, Mork & Mindy: The Fourth Season is the one where they get married and have a child, played by Jonathan Winters. It is also the final season of the show, so if you picked up the first three, this one will complete your collection.

In Anime, Ground Control to Psychoelectric Girl is about a boy who meets his unsuspected cousin, who turns out to be an alien. What started out as a strange encounter turned into something truly surreal in very short order, as he learns that Earth is being targeted. Infinite Stratos II continues the adventures of the only male who can pilot a combat mecha in a training academy full of heavily armed combat ready women. That rounds it up for this go round; everything else in each category being released this week has been released before.