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While genre movies seem to be missing this week, TV has Stephan King’s 11.22.63, an eight episode mini series about people traveling back in time to alter the Kennedy Assassination so it never happened. Also available is Supergirl: Season 1, now migrated to the CW network, which is a great call all around. They are the de facto DC Comics TV network now; they have added Super Girl to the channel already carrying Arrow, The Flash, and Legends Of The Future. I can’t wait to see what interesting crossover story lines they all build together.

In Anime, Absolute Duo: The Complete Series is about Koryo Academy, a training center for the art of war, where the students forge their souls into weapons. But Tor’s first combat experience is simple compared to his social situation at his new school. Together in Garo The Animation: Season One Part Two, León and Alfonso find each other an team up to begin winning their country back, even though they have radically different ideas about what their country is. Finally, in Barakamon: The Complete Series, uptight young calligrapher Handa punches out a critic, gets shipped out to a prison/rest camp, and has his life turned upside down.