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In movies, Veronica Roth’s #1 best-selling novel-turned-movie Divergent holds pride of place. A lesser known film, I’ll Follow You Down, looks to be a very interesting time travel story, somewhere between Safety Not Guaranteed and π. While I don’t see anything genre coming out in TV, I do have to mention that Top Gear 21 is becoming available, since that is always a fun show to watch.

In Anime, Katsuhiro Otomo has done it again. in 1995 his anthology Memories collected the short works of a number of animator/directors who were about to take over the Anime world of their day. Here it is a generation later, and he does it again with a new crop of award winning creators in Short Peace, just as amazing as the first collection. BTW, the Japanese version of that web site has a lot more information with a better trailer set, and a lot of it is in English. If you don’t already know about Katsuhiro Otomo, his Manga creations include Domu, Akira, Batman: Black & White #4, and Hipira: The Little Vampire, while his Anime creations include Akira (yes, he got to do his own Manga as an Anime, and he did it right), Neo Tokyo, Robot Carnival, Metropolis, Steam Boy, and Mushishi. He was both screenwriter and director on everything except Metropolis (he only wrote that one), and I should probably mention that was the 2006 live action version of Mushishi. If you haven’t seen any of those, do yourself a favor and watch them all soon.

Sengoku Collection takes place in a parallel Earth where a magical battle rages for world domination. Suddenly the primary characters from both sides, generals of the Warring States period reincarnated with completely different appearances, personalities, and genders, are transported to our own version of the planet, where they have to contend with technology they don’t understand. Some adjust better than others, and one is determined to get home at any cost. Freezing: The Complete First Season is a story about Pandoras, the genetically enhanced schoolgirls with enough superhuman strength to slaughter aliens, and their Limiters, partners in the battle to save the Earth. If they don’t do serious bodily harm to each other first. This has previously been released, but this is it’s first time under the Anime Classics Funimation imprint, which means you can get it for half the previous price, and only about $6 more than their S.A.V.E. editions run.