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In Movies The Amazing Spider-Man 2 continues this franchises high quality reboot, and the aspect they bring from the comic much better than the original set of films did is the humor. They got the wisecracking that Spider-Man used when taunting the villains down right; it was a major part of his fighting style, used to distract his foes and make them careless with anger. The vampire rocker romance drama Only Lovers Left Alive also makes it onto disc, after a sadly limited run in the theaters. This one deserved a lot more attention than it got.

In TV, Once Upon a Time: The Complete 3rd Season continues to explore everything it means to be characters in a fairy tale. In the new season, which starts September 28th, they are going to include Elsa and Kristoff from Frozen, and you get just a teaser of her in season 3. Revolution: The Complete 2nd Season also hits the shelves this week.

In western Animation Toy Story of Terror! seems to have taken a leaf from the Simpsons with a made-for-TV holiday special. By the way, how many people recognized Totoro in the Toy Story 2 film?

In Anime, A Certain Scientific Railgun S – Part Two has the bad guys cloning the level 5 telekinetic Misaka and then killing her off, over and over. Misaka is not happy about this, and is out to bring them down, any way she can.