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The action/comedy winner is R.I.P.D., the after life cop story based on the excellent Dark Horse comic. The other film of note this week is Byzantium, the dramatic fantasy about two beautiful vampires.

There didn’t seem to be any live action TV options this time around, at least not from North America. The western animation is a good one, though: Disney’s Monsters University. This was released as a digital HD download at the beginning the first week of the month, but this is your first chance to actually get the discs.

In Anime, Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day is the story of 5 childhood friends who grew apart after the death of Meiko, another friend. Years later, while they are in High School together, the ghost of Meiko returns and draws them back together to fulfill a promise they made to her as children. Thermae Romae: Complete Collection is about a bath house builder from ancient Rome who travels in time to modern Tokyo and gets some great ideas to incorporate into his designs from contemporary bath houses.