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I am excited about Heros Reborn, because when the original series of Heroes came to the small screen, it kicked ass for the first season and was almost as excellent for the second. It may have slowly degraded after that, but I stuck with it to the end. Even in the final season it had a lot of story to tell, but sadly had lost some of the threads, and some of the characters were no longer people we cared about.

In the Heroes Reborn reboot we have a number of our favorite characters from the original series, and an assortment of original characters, in what looks like a pretty good mix. We also have a good mix of story telling media, with Dark Mater Webisodes already available to enjoy (I posted the first one after the trailer, you should watch them all), the soon to be released comic book Heroes: Season Five, the App with its plethora of goodies and extras, and the 13 episode TV mini-series itself. This is not that dissimilar to what the first series did with their Heroes Evolution’s series of web sites, which included some strictly for mobile devices (not as common in 2006 as it is today).

Bottom line, the new offering has the potential to be good, and I can’t wait to start watching it and see if it lives up to that potential! The TV show portion of the new series hits the small screen on September 24th at 8/7PM (that whole time zone thing); I look forward to finding out if they did the topic justice, and hearing what everyone else has to say.