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The Tomorrow People is a blast from the past, completely redone for a modern audience. The CW is a great channel for these kind of projects, being willing to try out something new and give it a chance, unlike Fox and others of that ilk.

The original Tomorrow People was a British children’s show which ran from 1973 through 1979, and then got reincarnated in 1992 for a single season. The team at Big Audio Finish then turned it into a series of Radio Plays running from 2001 through 2007. I look forward to seeing how this new incarnation works out, because I have loved the concepts behind each version and series, but I do not feel any of them delivered on that promise. After what I saw the CW do with Arrow, I think there is a chance I will finally get to see some Tomorrow People episodes begin to meet their full potential. And if they don’t, hey, at least I get to see another Arrow episode!