According to Wales Online, there will be a Torchwood Experience Exhibition opening in July in Cardiff Bay. It is being built by the same folks who created the Doctor Who Exhibitions, the team from Experience. The Cardiff Council is currently reviewing the application for the exhibition, but Who are they fooling; the Torchwood Exhibition would bring serious additional revenue to their city, and in this economic environment that should be a done deal.

There is a sneak peek available for Stargate Universe, which looks just like they have been watching a LOT of the new Battlestar Galactica. If you missed the full extended Torchwood trailer for Children of Earth, here it is thanks to a heads-up from Cat at Fancy Fembot. Be sure to check out (or better yet, join in) her podcast at Sci-Fi Party Line; watch your favorite TV show, then call in to talk about it.

Thanks to this Underwire article we finally have the dates for this years Torchwood: Children of Earth run, as well as the airing of the first Doctor Who special: July 20th. That is the day BBC America goes HD, and they are going to max out the Sci-Fi to celebrate. Torchwood runs Monday through Friday of that week, airing each episode just a few hours after it shows for the first time in the UK. Then on Saturday the 25th they will show the season 3 finale of Primeval, followed by the series premier of Being Human. They finish up their first week as a Hi-Def channel on Sunday with the Doctor Who: Planet of the Dead special. I just may have to rewire my TV to use the HD input for this one. IO9 are running a SciFi Sims Contest which looks like fun but seems just a bit recursive to me. Create your best science fiction still image, scene, or movie using the Sims software environment and submit them by June 9th. The winner gets a copy of The Sims 3 package and $250 online cash equivalent.

I mentioned yesterday that David Tennant will be appearing in several Sarah Jane Chronicles episodes in season 3. What I forgot to mention was they will be airing on BBC America, and that besides the Torchwood episodes coming in July they are bringing the Doctor in-house as well, and will start running the 2009 Who Specials in July according to SF Universe. You can also watch the new Torchwood trailer on BBC America. SFX has posted their new list of Fifty of our favourite SF t-shirts including such gems as Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal! (with rubber dinosaurs), Upgrade or be Deleted (with soviet-era Cybermen), and It came out of nowhere (with a time-traveling DeLorian crumpled up against the Tardis). The dangerous part is all 50 shirts have links to the sites where you can buy them. The fun part is this is a listing of the second 50; the top 50 were published in the magazine this month.