By the title of this entry, you have probably guessed that MacLeod won the Clarke Award this year, for his book Song of Time. Pretty impressive, since his competition included Paul McAuley, Alastair Reynolds, Neal Stephenson, Sheri S. Tepper and Mark Wernham. The Clarke Award was presented last night at the Sci-Fi London 8 Film Festival, and presenting an award for a best book at a film festival is not as unusual as it sounds. This film fest has grown into one of the best SciFi Cons in the UK, and even has its own awards show for best short film made specifically for the event.

Yes, it is time once again for Sci-Fi London, that truly amazing film festival held at the Apollo Piccadilly Circus and many nearby locations. This is the eighth year for the festival, and it is bigger and better than ever, starting Wednesday the 29th and running through Monday the 4th. It has become the event where the Arthur C Clarke Award is handed out, as well as the Sci-Fi London Awards. For those who want to build their own, they have created the SFL Lab where scientists, comic artists, leading genre writers and filmmakers will present a full program of classes, including things like Filmaking for small screens. For the more gonzo build-your-own types they held the 48 Hour Film Challenge a few weeks ago (so they could show the results at the SFL festival). They handed out titles, dialog, and props to 71 teams on Saturday, and on Monday 55 of those teams returned with finished films. They will be doing many World and UK Premiers, including the films The Hunt for Gollum, Eyeborgs, Eraser Children, The Clone Returns Home, and one of my personal favorites, Cyborg She. They will be screening X-Men Origins: Wolverine before it opens in UK theaters. And so much more; wish I could get the time off from work to be there, but at least I can watch Sci-Fi London TV!

Eureka returns in July, something we tend to expect these days. But this time it comes in on Friday nights instead of Tuesdays, joining the strong tradition of ScfFi Friday shows like Battlestart Galactica, various Stargate incarnations, Doctor Who, Primeval, and more. It also coincides with their branding switch to SyFy, so all we need to round it out is the new Riverworld TV series they commissioned. While over at BBC America, Ashes to Ashes hits its season 1 finale tomorrow night, with season two kicking off the following Saturday. New episodes of Primeval and Torchwood are coming soon, as well as another original series, Being Human.

At least for this competition, but I have to agree with the majority of results. The poll was put together at Total SciFi, and coming in at number one was the Doctor Who Theme, by Ron Grainer and Delia Derbyshire. By the first note, there is no doubt in anyone’s mind what the show is; how many theme songs have that power? In second place was the Red Dwarf theme (and did you check out the Terry Pratchett interview about this months Red Dwarf special?), with The X-Files in third. Hot on its heels came Buffy the Vampire Slayer in fourth place, and Star Trek TOS came in at 5. The rest include the 7) Twilight Zone, 8) Battlestar Galactica, 9) Quantum Leap, and 10) The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. I have no clue how Thunderbirds ended up on the list. Here are a few variations on a theme…

And one more, for good measure; see the full version here

And there are a few (or a few thousand) more…

For those lucky enough to be in the UK, tonight was the first segment of the new Red Dwarf special on Dave TV. Robert Llewellyn, who plays the part of Kryten in that series, is being Tweeted to death about it, with a reported over 2,000 received so far tonight. For his last several Car Pool segments (he interviews people while driving them around in his car with web cams, very entertaining) he has had fellow Dwarfers Chris Berrie (Rimmer) and Craig Charles (Lister). He will be interviewing Danny and Holly (Norman, not Hattie) in the next week or two, I haven’t heard if Chloe Annett is going to do one or not. For myself, I will be waiting on the release of the DVD in July to watch it and add it to my collection.