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There hasn’t been anything worth mentioning for a while, but this week there are a couple of good choices. Top of the list is Marvel’s Black Panther, possible the only Marvel superhero to address the U.N. periodically as part of his day job. As near as I can recall, anyone else that went before the U.N. did it as part of their superhero persona, or worked for a U.N. agency. Also this week, Early Man from Aardman is a comedy about the Stone Age getting overrun by the Bronze Age, with all the highly detailed stop motion animation they made famous with Wallace & Gromit.

The winner this time is Spider-Man: Homecoming, pretty much my favorite iteration of Peter Parker on the big screen so far. As you can tell by the link, Sony hasn’t given the character up, just lent him to the core franchise in return for pulling some of that core franchise audience into their version of the MCU. American Gods season 1 gets my vote for best TV show getting released this week, it is amazing. God of War looks like it should be the best bet out of this week’s Asian films, but somehow they seemed to have allowed the premise of Samurai Pirates to fall through their fingers. I do have to mention Ernie Kovacs: Take a Good Look, the DVD collection featuring one of the most bizarre game shows ever to air on Television. It ran from 1959 to 1961, and even the game show panelists didn’t understand what was going on. Samurai Jack: Season 5 and Samurai Jack: The Complete Series both come out this week, finishing off an excellent but also truly strange TV run. There don’t seem to be any new Anime releases this week, perhaps next time.