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It was Leonard Nimoy’s birthday yesterday (Happy Birthday, Leonard!), so it seemed like the perfect week to post his video with Bruno Mars on the Lazy Song. If you haven’t seen this one yet, it is wonderfully silly and shows you just how comedic Nimoy can be without even using words.

Today, March 22nd, is Talk Like William Shatner day because it is the birthday of both William Shatner and James T. Kirk. In honor of the event the folks at Think Geek have a Shatner Mask in PDF format they invite you to download for free, print out, wear in public, and take a picture to send them (work safe only, please). They have various Star Trek goodies they are giving away, you can see the prize list and the rules on that page.

I just can’t get enough geek and sci-fi music, so here we go again. This time around it’s Tonight I’m Frakking You from Break Originals (notice the hot Cylon honeys from the series, one in a Princess slave girl outfit from another franchise), Star Trek Girl from Meekakitty, and finally ALL CAP’S song World of Warcraft Ruined My Life.