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BBC America launches the first episode of Ashes to Ashes tonight, the sequel to the original Brit TV series Life on Mars. As before, traumatic injury results in time travel for a no-nonsense cop, while a killer soundtrack unwinds and an actual killer stalks our protagonist. I am SO ready for this one! Watchmen was every bit as good as I was hoping, true to the original in every detail that mattered. Run, don’t walk, to your nearest theater and see it today! Thanks, Wil W, for the non-spoilers endorsement!

Heroes has been signed up for a 4th season, according to Superhero Hype while they were channeling the Hollywood Reporter. Daft Punk has signed on to do the score for Tron 2.0, which seems like a perfect match to me. Just as much fun was using the Guardian article to find out there is a blog called Upcoming Film Scores to keep track of such things for us. The big film news for today, of course, is that Watchmen starts at midnight, so one more time the obligatory link to Wil’s Review. Finally, for those of us in the US, BBC America starts running Ashes to Ashes, the sequel to the original Brit version of Life on Mars, this Saturday at 9PM Eastern.

The new DVD for Dead Like Me: Life After Death hits the shelves tomorrow. Kind of sad when the official homepage just says coming soon for the movie. The Brit TV show Demons has finished it’s first season, although you can still watch episodes from their home page if you live in the right postal code. SFX has a Demons Calendar you can install to your desktop, which will populate each day with information about the UK’s most haunted places. And MSN has just revealed the first full length trailer for Transformers II over on their video page.

And at 26, he is the youngest actor ever to play the Doctor. Yesterday the BBC named Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor Who. Andrew Pettie of the Telegraph has some ideas about why this is a good move for the Beeb, and while the reactions at places like SciFi Heaven range the gamut, I find this promising. The actor has played in the Phillip Pullman screen renderings of The Shadow in The North and The Ruby in the Smoke, as well as showing up in an episode of Secret Diary of a Call Girl; all with Who veteran Billie Piper. He has also worked with Moffatt on a few previous projects, so the new season should be fairly interesting.