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I have posted several times on the Battlestar Galactica webisodes, with a storyline that bridges the gap between the two halves of the final season. There are some other webisodes worth a visit, including The Recruit. This one tells the story of the Marines who volunteered to be guinea pigs in hopes of gaining powers to make them better soldiers, and is running between the two story arcs in the current Heroes season. They are also running a lot of other quality related material, including another webisode series, Hard Knox. Another fun webisode set is from Chuck, with a series of Buy More Employee Tips. Not all great webisodes are from NBC/Universal; Lisa Kudrow has an excellent new series online called Web Therapy you should take a look at, with all the biting humor you have come to expect from her.

Do NOT miss this one! Check Anonymous Rex for details. The SciFi Channel will be airing it at the beginning of November, and I am looking forward to see how well they translated the first book in the series into TV mode. Please note, by First Book I mean the Prequil, Casual Rex. If they get good enough numbers in the ratings, I am hoping they continue through the series, and make more of these. The closest thing I have found to a Home Page for the author (the same Eric Garcia who wrote Matchstick Men) is a rather disappointing Amazon front; if anyone knows where his true home page lives, please send me the link! The Interview he did at the MysteryOne web sight is worth a visit, and has convinced me I need to go out and get a copy of his AudioBook version, if only to hear him sing! LOL… Too bad the link they list for him there goes to one of those now-owned-by-a-domain-name-seller companies.