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This week sees the release of Orphan Black: Season Five, bringing this powerhouse series to its conclusion, at least if the run-time listed is only the episodes, and not the extras. The other live action winner this time around is the Tom Cruise remake of The Mummy, taking the story back to its original dark roots. Also leaning heavily towards the horror end of the spectrum, Dead Again in Tombstone has a cowboy return from the dead to prevent an army of the dead being raised. The Astronaut Wives Club: The Complete Series is based on the book of the same name, which was loosely based on some true events during the first Race for Space. There wasn’t any genre Anime that I could find this time around.

This week we get Doctor Who: Series Ten, Part Two, and that seems to be it for Western genre. Score: A Film Music Documentary looks interesting if you have ever wondered about the science of enhancing the movie experience by the application of the right music during the right scenes. The Good Witch of the West looks to be the only Anime option at the moment, and since I haven’t seen it I can’t say one way or the other if it is good or not.

Almost, at least. The movie I most want to see this Friday isn’t a movie at all; it is the pilot episode of the new TV series The Inhumans. Not only is it in movie theaters, but it is in IMAX format, which means on the biggest screen you can see it on! If it were only in 3D it would be prefect, but I am not going to let a detail like that stop me from seeing it. There is also a fantasy animation called Animal Crackers about a magical circus being released this week, which I would ordinarily be going to see; maybe next weekend.

We have two titles from the DC Universe this week, with Gotham: The Complete Third Season and the animated DCU: Batman and Harley Quinn both hitting the shelves. I find the live action TV show addictive, at least the first two season, so I look forward to binging my way through it. The fantasy comedy Killing Hasselhoff will also be out this week, so I suppose I should mention the associated non-genre comedy Baywatch will also be out come Tuesday. Finally, Anime has Ushio & Tora: Complete TV Series, a tale of yokai vs. human vs. yokai.

The best western option this week is Gotham: The Complete Third Season, and I do love how each season is a little more twisted than the last. The related DCU release is DCU: Batman and Harley Quinn, a road trip story where the two are tracking down Poison Ivy, and Batman is losing it still more by the minute! And then there is Killing Hasselhoff, possibly the strangest and funniest movie of the actors career. Anime releases include Bakuon!!: Complete Collection, plus Beyond the Boundary, and finally Rainbow Days: Complete Collection.

This week brings the latest in the long running franchise with Alien: Covenant. By the time this one hit the theaters I had seen everything I needed to see of that universe, so I haven’t seen it yet, and feel no compulsion to do so now. I do love every one of the films that has Sigourney Weaver in it, though. I am going to have to include the TV series Riverdale: Season 1 this time, because it is so different from the comic books I remember reading that it seems like something from another world to me. I did enjoy it quite a bit, and am happy that Season 2 will be on the air in October.

Anime has the continuation of two long-running favorites with Fairy Tail: Collection Nine, and One Piece – Season Nine, Voyage Two. We also get Food Wars! Complete Collection in both a regular and limited box sets.