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June 2016
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Star Trek Wine

According to Radio Times, there are now a series of three different wines with Star Trek labels on them. Named after three fan favorite TOS episodes, The Trouble with Tribbles, Mirror, Mirror and The City on the Edge of Forever, each sports a label image reminiscent of their story. Radio Times is a UK publication, [...]

Best Add Ever: Spock On Spock action

I don’t really care what they are advertising, although I suspect it is a vehicle of some kind. But this is, hands down, the most amusing commercial I have seen so far this decade. Nemoy and Quinto have a lot of fun with this, and probably got paid fairly well for it in the bargain. [...]

Something to Do: Movies, 17May13

Star Trek Into Darkness is the obvious winner this week! I have been watching trailers since last year, so I am more than ready to see this one. And as much as I loved the initial J.J. Abrams reboot of the franchise, with this one we will learn if it suffers from the original even/odd [...]

X-Ray Analysis of the Starship Enterprise

The original model used in filming the Star Trek series was donated to the Smithsonian, and now they have produced and published an X-Ray Analysis of the Starship Enterprise for everyone to enjoy. You can also see pictures there of where it now hangs in the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. If you are in [...]

Attend #SIBeamUp event!

If you want to attend the Smithsonian’s Star Trek #SIBeamUp! on May 16th you probably want to get your applications in now, as attendance will be very limited. They will give the ten social media users who gain entry a closer look at the Star Trek goodies in the Air and Space Museum collection (including [...]

New Trek Into Darkness trailer

JJ is the best thing to happen to the Trek franchise since Gene Roddenberry himself, the new cast is dead on perfect, and I didn’t really need another trailer to let me know I NEED to be in the theater for this one! On the other hand, it doesn’t hurt, and what a treat to [...]

Star Trek Into Darkness new trailer

For those who have not already seen this, get ready; it is going to be one hell of a ride! Star Trek Into Darkness looks like a killer production for the rebooted franchise, and if I could only get my Tardis working properly I would have already seen it.

Star Trek Into Darkness trailer

The latest teaser trailer from this franchise is just as amazing as you knew it would be, and I am so ready for Star Trek Into Darkness. And Benedict Cumberbatch’s villain has so nailed Picard’s voice, channeling him for a whole new layer of New Universe twistedness.

Shatoetry App

It seems there is an App that lets you put words in William Shatner’s mouth, and then play them back. Shatoetry is available now for iDevices, and is being ported over to Android soon. Bill recorded a large vocabulary of words (although apparently it can be challenging to create normal sentences with them) suitable for [...]

Klingon Style!

The Korean original of this song has been running on channels like M-Net for months now, and just recently came to the attention of everybody in the world, in fact becoming the first Korean song ever to take the number one position on iTunes. But out of all the parodies, Klingon Style has to be [...]