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Halloween On Mars

Happy Halloween, everyone, or Blessed All Saint’s Eve, as you prefer. There is nothing more enjoyable than putting on a costume that let’s you transform yourself, if only for that one night. Along with that comes the right to be scared for the fun of it without getting grief from your friends and coworkers. And […]

Cons 2 Consider

Just a few random links to Cons you might find worth a visit. I recently mentioned GalaxyCon, which I will be attending. The big ones are the WorldCons; the next 2 are Interaction in Glasgow, and LAConIV in the City of Lost Angels. One of the more fun ones is the DilloCon in Austin; and […]

Online Reading

I have given links before about places to read sci-fi online for free. Another great one you may not be aware of will let you access some truly Classic science fiction short stories. The SciFi Channel updates the page often, and has included stories by Gardner Dozois, Joan D. Vinge, Eric Frank Russell, Roger Zelazny, […]

Anonymous Rex

Do NOT miss this one! Check Anonymous Rex for details. The SciFi Channel will be airing it at the beginning of November, and I am looking forward to see how well they translated the first book in the series into TV mode. Please note, by First Book I mean the Prequil, Casual Rex. If they […]

East Coast CON Alert: GalaxyCon

I love hitting Cons (Science Fiction Conventions) for a lot of reasons; I will list a few of them here, and look forward to hearing from you about your reasons you either love or hate them. But since I live on the East Coast, the next Con I will be going to is the Galaxy […]

Farscape, the Miniseries

If you missed the initial broadcast, DO NOT miss this Sunday’s return! They did a world-class job on tying up all the loose ends, and the story beat out any previous episode. It starts at 3PM EST on the east coast feed, and the same PST for the west coast feed, on the SciFi Channel. […]

A Few Good Space E-Zines

As the title implies, these are just a few links to several of the Space E-Zines I enjoy visiting. The Space Site is a good one, with everything from News to a Community Forum. So is Astrosurf, although it helps if you know French for this one. For the Educators who might find their way […]

Hubble At Risk

The Hubble Space Telescope is at risk of no longer being maintained, according to BBC News (and lots of other sources). The best place to find the latest info, as well as a detailed background, is at The Hubblesite. And if you’re in the mood for more things Hubble, you might want to check the […]

From The Edge…

The edge of science, which is where scifi lives. The Singularity is the most important of them, and the one that will make its mark soon. But all of them are worth a visit, and worth at least some thought.

Interestingly enough, it isn’t a scifi mag, but a science one, that has the best […]

X-Prize has been won!

SpaceShipOne flew to space this morning, for the second time in less than a week; this time it won the Ansari X-Prize! Pilot Brian Bennie (the 2nd pilot for these tests) took off from the Mojave Spaceport in California. The flight was completely smooth, with no barrel rolls. Maybe test flights SHOULD be made by […]